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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • RoadWatch Gauges Road Temperature

    roadwatch raod surface gauge and sensor system

    During the recent enormous snow storms that hit most of the country, Snow Professionals were dealing with road temperatures that were far below what they were used to. Once the road hits 10-15 degrees salt is useless and won't do any good at melting snow. Using salt once the roads are that cold is like throwing away money.

    Municipality Road Crews, Snow Management Companies and Snow Professionals have to know exactly what the road temperature is - not just for knowing when to use salt and when to use sand - but for other road work as well, like line painting.

    RoadWatch Road Surface Temperature System is the best way to keep the roads and your crew safe - and this is the best time to buy! has the best price on the RoadWatch Gauge System, in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • A New Year - A New Blog

    We're excited to start a new blog at the beginning of this new year. We anticipate a busy 2014. There are new products to add and information to share. We plan to make our website better, our offerings greater and our parts the best deal around. We want to continue to be a partner to you in your business by providing the quality parts that you need easy, fast and for the lowest price.

    WAREHOUSE-JULIE A busy Julie checks in Cole Hersee products in the warehouse.

    The blog will reflect all that - keeping you informed on all changes and giving you useful information for your business. You can follow the blog in your blog reader or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Blog posts will be shared there.

    Here's to a fun and profitable 2014!

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