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  • See More - Rear and Side View Cameras for your HD Truck, RV or Transportation Vehicle

    Driving and maneuvering a Truck, RV or Bus can be challenging in the best of circumstances. When situations make it more difficult to see your surroundings clearly it can be a real struggle. But, these days, workplace accidents and property damages are avoidable with the proper safety equipment. Consider these statistics:backing up accidents are common, rear view cameras can save lives and property

    - The leading cause of fatalities for employees in work zones is being run over or backed over by vehicles (National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse).

    - From 2000-2006, the majority (67%) of fatal accidents at US surface mines involved obstacles or workers in the rear blind area of equipment that was in the process of reversing (Department of Health and Human Services).

    - Hitting a pole at just 5 MPH, can easily result in $500.00 to $2,000.00 in damages to your vehicle (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

    - From 1998 through 2007, preventable backing-up crashes cost Caltrans at least $5.45 million in vehicle repairs alone (California PATH Research Report).

    Sobering statistics like these show how easy it is to miss crucial information when backing up. The VDO Vehicle Camera System is your necessary solution for better quality vision while on the road or while parking.

    VDO's Camera System Kits (starting at under $300.00) comes with single, split or quad view displays. Up to four cameras can be mounted around or in your vehicle so that you will quickly see what you need to.

    Back up Cameras, Rear View Cameras and Side Mount Cameras are perfect for Tow Trucks, Garbage Trucks, RV's, Buses and any Heavy Duty or Service Vehicle. Being able to put a camera on your trailer or even in your trailer to keep an eye on animals you may be transporting is ideal for keeping you informed and safe.

    VDO back up, parking and side mount camera Systems

    VDO Instruments is known for delivering world-class accuracy, durability and dependability. They excel at designing products that are made to perform well in the most rigorous environments. Camera Kits are available in everything from a one camera kit like the 5.6" Monitor with a Back-Up Mini Camera to a Deluxe Set with 4 Cameras and a Quad Split Screen 7" Monitor. There's also a camera kit available with 3 color parking guide lines and  another camera that includes audio.

    All kits come with a 1mm cable and a remote control. Extension cables are also available in 16 feet, 33 feet and 65 feet. The VDO Camera Systems features color monitors (single, dual and quad screen display) with cameras that offer normal / mirror modes, 100% waterproof housing, vibration resistance, and infrared LEDs for night vision. The VDO camera systems also meet all OEM specifications.

    Vehicle Camera Systems like this were at one time something that only existed for characters like James Bond. Now, they're accessible to everyone, easy to install and a great price. There's no reason not to protect your self and your vehicle with a back up, rear view and side view camera system.

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