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  • Searching for Signal-Stat

    Have you had trouble looking for a Signal-Stat or SigFlare part?

    Signal-Stat was acquired over a decade ago and parts are not always labeled as Signal-Stat these days. At we make sure to label the Signal-Stat parts with their name as well as the part number so you can quickly find the replacement you need.

    Here's a little history about the brand and some help on how you can find Signal-Stat parts.


    In the mid-1930s a number of states in the U.S. made electric turn signals mandatory on larger trucks. Signal-Stat answered the need and was an early creator of the electric turn signal. Their first efforts created a vacuum formed thin plastic light which didn't have the longevity and durability needed.  Signal-Stat improved on their design and manufactured a new high quality acrylic lensed drum-style light in the years following WWII. These were much stronger and many still survive today. Because of the advanced design and quality, Signal-Stat lights at one time dominated 75% of the market. To this day, many restorers of 1950s trucks will seek out the Signal-Stat lights and turn signals for their authentic restoration.

    truck-lite-900-diagram-blog The popular Signal-Stat and SigFlare Turn Signals are all available on

    Signal-Stat thrived thorough the decades after WWII growing their line and garnering a reputation for the preferred light of professionals. In 2002, Truck-Lite acquired Signal-Stat and added them to their already impressive selection of sealed truck and transportation lights.

    Truck-Lite is a well-known company that's been manufacturing truck and trailer safety lighting for over 50 years.

    Truck-Lite Signal Stat Heavy Duty LightsIt was Truck-Lite's LED Stop/Turn/Tail lamp that paved the way for the usage of LED lighting in the industry. Truck-Lite's LEDs emit light while using much less power than a standard incandescent bulb. More importantly, they carry a life span of up to 100,000 hours.

    The Signal-Stat line of LED lighting products have been engineered to offer high quality LED lighting technology, while using full pattern optics popular among smaller fleets and owner operators. With clear lens, red and amber lighting products, the Signal-Stat line is capable of offering the clean, streamlined appearance popular among show trucks as well. This complete line of LED lamps offers solutions for a growing number of heavy-duty applications. From stop, turn & tail lighting to back-up lamps, the line is able to retrofit virtually all existing trailers, through the use of standard industry plug connections.

    Features of all Truck-Lite and Signal-Stat LED Lights:

    • Exceed legal requirements
    • Have an extensive pattern of multiple diodes
    • Carry a two year limited warranty
    • Retrofit easily using standard plug connections
    • Resist shock & vibration
    • Have all electronics sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion & moisture
    • Draw less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life

    If you're searching for replacements for your Signal-Stat, SigFlare or Federal Mogul Lights you'll find them under the name Truck-Lite as well. We have the full line of  Truck-Lite / Signal-Stat parts listed on the website.

    Having trouble finding a certain Signal-Stat part? Feel free to contact and we can do the searching for you.

    ss Signal Stat 6050A LED Stop/Tail/Turn Light

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