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8 Great Grease Gun Tips to Keep Your Gun in Top Condition

Although most tools come with instruction books, it's by talking to fellow users that you often find the most helpful information. We've gathered a few Grease Gun care tips here for you. Please feel free to share your tips on our Facebook page or email us.

1. Always store your grease gun hanging. If you lay it on it's side a long air bubble can form and make your gun useless.*

2. Pay attention to the arrows on your cartridges and make sure to store them upright and as the arrows show.

greasingman3. Store your gun and cartridges in a warm environment. Warm grease flows better. If you store them in a cold garage or shop, a few days before planning to use your gun move them in from a cold environment.

4. Keep your gun clean. Dirt can clog passageways and contaminate bearings.

5. If using a cartridge to load a grease gun, be careful when removing the metal lid that no metal slivers are introduced into the grease.

6. Wipe your zerks off before you grease. This will ensure that a bit of grit or water won't get pushed into the joint.

7. The Snap Coupler on the end of the hose is made to stay on the fitting while you're pumping grease. If it's hard to remove, loosen the coupler a bit. The threaded couplers are meant to be kept a little loose.

8. Calibrate grease guns regularly by marking the gun with it's actual delivery rate to ensure the proper delivery volume

*Some people have stated that they prefer to store their gun horizontal to keep the oil from bleeding out of the grease. What do you think? What have you found is the best way to store it?