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Blue Sea Systems now on Get your Catalog!

Who is Blue Sea and Why is this Such Great News?








• Electronic Systems
- Blue Sea Systems manufactures quality power distribution and     management parts designed for emergency, specialty, commercial and marine vehicles.

• Warranty - Blue Sea Systems stands behind its products for as long as you own them (parts with screens have a 3-5 year warranty).

• Made in the U.S. - 70% of Blue Sea Systems parts are made in Bellingham, Washington. Their distribution center is in Florida.

• Heavy Duty - Blue Sea Systems parts are solid and durable. You can tell the difference by just holding one in your hand.




The Emergency Vehicle industry needs reliable parts that can withstand harsh environments.  

Blue Sea parts are made to meet these needs. 

Blue Sea Systems parts are rugged and made to endure extreme temperatures as well as shock and vibration.

Because of this, Blue Sea products are often installed on Police, Fire Apparatus, Emergency Response and Command Vehicles. 

- OEM's - Call PARTDEAL for bulk pricing 800-333-7976 -


blueseascatalogshot offers the full line of Blue Sea products.

If you're interested in this line, we'd like to provide you a FREE Blue Sea Systems catalog. 

For a limited time we'll mail out the full line print catalog to you. Just provide us with your address here .

We also have a digital version that you can view / save / print immediately (if printing, keep in mind it's 145 pages).

You're welcome to call to learn more about Blue Sea Systems and request a catalog.