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7 Incredible Tests this Heavy Duty Worklight Can Endure (Video)

JW Speaker XD Series Work Lights

LED Worklights are easy enough to come by these days, but how many can really hold up to the harsh conditions they're exposed to on extreme and rugged work sites? How can you know you're getting a heavy duty work light that won't fail you when need it you most?

J.W. Speaker Lighting, an OEM manufacturer of worklights for companies like John Deere, Harley Davidson and Arctic Cat, have made it crystal clear that you can count on their XD Series of Heavy Duty Work Lights. They filmed a series of jaw-dropping experiments in their Torture Test video below.

The XD Series Work Lights have a unique thermally-conductive polycarbonate housing that's been specifically designed to maximize the performance of the LEDs. XD Series worklights are compact, lightweight, corrosion resistant and impact resistant. Their longevity is unmatched, lasting 50 times longer than halogen worklights and 20 times longer than HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamps).

Most XD LED Worklights have a choice of three beam patterns; Spot, Trapezoid and Flood. You can see how the different beam patterns would project on the graph below for the Model 880 XD Worklight.

As you'll see, The J.W. Speaker XD Series light can endure many things.

beam patterns shown on jw speaker xd series lightsSo, feel free to:

1. Drop it off the top of a three story building
2. Run it over with a forklift
3. Immersed it deep underwater
4. Drill a hole directly through it
5. Burn it to a crisp with a blow torch
6. Pound it with a sledgehammer
7. Saw it in half

Sounds incredible, right?  Watch the video and witness it for yourself.  J.W. Speakers XD Series LED Worklights are the toughest, roughest high performing LED Worklights available.