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  • HVAC: Why do my Hoses have Holes in them? (Video)

    Pinpricking: Why it's critical that your hoses have holes in them

    If one of the most important features of a hose is its ability to hold pressure, why does it have holes in it?

    Those holes, also called pinpricks, actually help lengthen the life of your hoses.

    Pinpricks on outer hose covers are often mistaken for holes, but they are in fact intentional and a necessity. Air and gasses can slowly permeate and accumulate between the tube layers. Pinpricking the outer cover allows trapped gasses to escape from the hose casing. If your hose didn’t have pinpricks you would soon see bubbles or blisters start to appear in the cover of the hose.

    Pinpricking is performed by a wheel that passes along the hose during the production process - pricking just the cover and stopping at the layer of reinforcement.

    All Yellow Jacket hoses are pinpricked to prevent bubbling.  The Plus II line of hoses features a triple layer protection system which includes:

    1. A nylon layer to prevent gasses from getting out and moisture from getting in.
    2. Rubber and braid layers for strength.
    3. Pinpricked outer cover for protection


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