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  • Don't Skip these 4 Vital Checks before Planting

    Spring has finally arrived. Now is the time to assess your machinery that's been idle over the winter. Taking your farm equipment into the fields without checking it over first can cost you in the long run.

    4 Things you Must Consider to Ensure a Safe, Efficient Planting Season!

    1. Safety

    Millions of dollars of Agricultural equipment is damaged each year due to failing and bypassed safety devices. Protect yourself and your bank account by replacing them now. Check all of your gauges and switches for signs of distress or rust. Also look over all electrical electrical connectors and make sure they're not frayed and that connections are tight.

    prevent farm damage with murphy shut down panels and gauges2. Overloads

    Murphy Shutdown Panels are configured to guard against low oil pressure or high running temperatures. In the event of potentially damaging conditions, an alarm will engage before the engine is shut down - thus saving you time and money. Check and replace any worn out parts on your shut-down panels or consider investing in one for this season. We have all the hard to find Murphy Swichgages, Rack Pullers and Control Panels you need.connectors and make sure they're not frayed and that connections are tight.

    Murphy Swichgages and Control products are one of the most favored products in the Agricultural Industry. Over the last 70 years Murphy has developed hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. If you don't see the product you need, contact us, we can source most any part you need.

    proper lighting on farm vehicles3. Lighting

    Prevent on-road collisions and in-field injuries by repairing or upgrading your equipment's lighting. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 15,000 farm vehicles are involved in highway crashes annually. Your tractor probably hasn't been on the road for many months, so make sure to check the lights you need to keep safe and legal when on the road. A small investment in materials and time can help to prevent common roadway collisions. Most states require that your tractor have two headlights and at least one red tail-light. Likewise, any pull-behind implement needs two red tail-lights or two red reflectors to be roadworthy.

    Since your working days may be longer and your mornings earlier, this is a good time to check your bulbs and maybe invest in a couple of new work lights. We have replacement bulbs and work lamps from Hella, Hobbs, Heavy Duty Lighting and Truck-Lite. In LED, incandscent and halogen. Even if the spring sunshine hasn't shown up in your area yet, you can still enjoy some bright rays.

    4. Personal Safety

    It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are under the gun. Protect yourself from oils and fuels when repairing your equipment by wearing gloves. Adenna latex-free gloves are the durable, quality disposable work glove you've been looking for. Made from Nitrile Polymer, these black disposable shop gloves come in sizes Medium through XX-Large.

    black adenna disposable gloves

    More Features:

    • Durable and more elasticity than other latex-free gloves.
    • Textured surface of the gloves gives you better grip when wet or dry.
    • Excellent at resisting punctures and rips.
    • Length is 9", minimum thickness at fingers is 5 mil
    • Latex-Free, Powder-Free

    Keep these in the shop, in your garage at home and in the truck. Handy for all kinds of uses and a great price for the quality.

    Adenna, founded in 1997, is the leading wholesale, manufacturer & distributor of latex exam gloves. They produce many hand protection and healthcare products including disposable gloves and latex-free gloves.

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