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The Future of Airflow Measurement is Now - The Smart Phone Anemometer


The new ABM-100 Airflow Meter (Anemometer) from Automatic Airflow Balancing changes the industry.



stripforblog-abm3A meter that fits in your pocket and connects to your smart phone can now replace the large and loud airflow meters of the past. The AAB free app works with all iOS devices and most Android.  

The ABM-100 Anemometer quickly converts air speed into air volume and shows it on your smart phone screen. It eliminates the need to remember formulas or use a calculator.


• Label each reading
• Make notes for every vent you measure.
• Save it in your history logs.
• Email a professional report directly to the client
• Email a report to yourself for customization
• Copy report to an excel or word file to customize

The ABM-100 Smart Phone Anemometer is one of those products that lives up to our past dreams of how technology was going to make our jobs easier.

This Anemometer is fast, easy and accurate. In fact, the ABM-100 has been shown to be more accurate than other Anemometers. It has an accuracy to +/- 0.5% of the reading at up to 15° off-axis. Follow this link to see a video comparing the ABM-100 to the Alnor Balometer

This Airflow Smart Phone Meter has endless uses. Obvoiously it can used to check the airflow in offices, businesses and homes, making this a perfect tool for every HVAC contractor and repairman.

The ABM-100 is also ideal for all mobile HVAC repair, installers and mechanics. Use it to check the vents, defrost, a/c, engine air intake and engine exhaust flows.

The Smart Phone Anemometer can also be used to measure wind in any instance. Here are some ideas we've come up with.

• Find the best spot to place a wind generator
• Test airflow from fume hoods
• Test airflow in Laminar flow work stations
• Check the airflow in small spaces like mines
• Check the wind speed for kite flying, sailing or hang gliding
• Portable Clean Room Air Velocity (AV) flow verification
• Use it to measure the wind outside during a storm - any weather enthusiast would love this.

What can you come up with?

This Smart Device Anemometer is an outstanding tool for great price. We're looking forward to more of AAB's Smart Device related tools. Some products coming up include a Smart Phone Static Pressure Meter, Smart Phone Thermal Imaging and a Smart Phone Gas Pressure Meter.

See more in the video below: