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Custom Cablecraft Push-Pull Cables and Motion Controls

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 Cablecraft Cables


Cablecraft is a leader in mechanical control assemblies, quality cable and linkage products. For 50 years Cablecraft has been trusted to provide cables in a variety of industrial, marine and aircraft applications. 

At we custom make Cablecraft cables for your application's needs. All cables are made with original Cablecraft components, which offer the best versatility in routing, efficiency and dependability. Cablecraft cables are most widely used on:

•  Throttles          • Hitches          • Valves          • Clutches          • Chokes         •  Dumps            • Latches         • Shifters          • PTOs


Call us at 800-548-1191 with any question or to order the custom cables you need. You can also email us form this form.


Diagram of a Standard Push-Pull Cable

push-pull cable terminology


If you're looking for a custom standard push-pull cable follow these steps.
Click links for a pdf page that goes into more depth.


1. Calculate the size (or "duty") of the cable by the diameter and the threads of the end rods. (Duty range is  V (Very Light Duty) = 10-32, L (Light Duty) = 1/4-28, M = 5/16-24, H = 3/8-24)

2. Determine the type of conduit end fittings (or conduit caps) you'll need for the left and right ends. (Choices are T = Threaded, G = Grooved. TT, GG or TG combinations).

3. Figure out the travel of the end rod. 1" increments from 1" - 6".


example of travel in a cablecraft cable

4. Calculate the overall length of the cable

5. Determine the cable materials depending on usage and conditions.

Utility: “The Rugged Gray Cable” is the industry-standard and is designed for a long life under rugged conditions (173, 174, 175).

Low Friction EXT: “The Green Cable” is the proper cable to use when superior efficiency is required. The extruded nylon cover over the innermember works very smoothly with the polyliner (313, 314, 315).

Low Friction: The proper cable to use when superior efficiency is required.The bonded PTFE cover over the inner operating member works very smoothly with the plastic liner (183, 184, 185)


When you're done you will end up putting it all together to get the model number.  

An example of a typical ordering code is 173-VTG-3-144.

Click here to view or print a full pdf guide on ordering standard push-pull cables.


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