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December 2014 Newsletter - Introducing JW Speaker Lights


December 2014
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J.W. Speaker Lighting at is now a distributor for J.W. SPEAKER!

J.W. Speaker has been in the business of serving vehicular markets since 1935, and a provider to the U.S. Military since the 1940's. J.W. Speaker products are made in the U.S.A and are used regularly by manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, John Deere, Arctic Cat and McLaren. Speaker lights are heavily tested so they can be the best in durability, longevity and illumination.

We are pleased to be offering the full line of J.W. Speaker Engineered Lighting Solutions. 

Jeep Lights by J.W. Speaker
J.W. Speaker carries a large selection of driving lights; including low beams, high beams, hi/low, and fog lights. The light output and beam pattern for these driving lights are superior. You'll see farther and wider than ever before.

See J.W. Speaker Driving Lights
Mining Scene Lights by J.W. Speaker at
J.W. Speaker has an impressive line of worklights called Scene Lights that gives you a greater line of vision while working - keeping you and your crew safer.

The Model 623 LED Scene Light is Speaker's most powerful light yet.
  • It boasts a massive 40,000 Raw (20,000 Effective) Lumens of bright, white light.
  • The model 623 is available in three different beam patterns; narrow, medium and wide flood.
  • The 623 is ideal for mining equipment, light towers and anywhere you need a vast amount of light.

Model 60 Portable Scene Light by J.W. Speaker
The Portable LED Scene Light System Model 60 (shown above) is a stand-out!

Just a few features:
  • Can be broken down to an easy to carry 16.75" x 8.5" size kit.  
  • Battery operated, DC Charger.
  • Model 60 available with remote (part # 0547171) 
  • Mast is expandable to various heights up to almost 6 feet.
  • Expandable mast sections break down and store inside the unit 
  • Raw output is 3,600 Lumens
  • Total weight is 26 pounds
  • Guaranteed up to 2 years.

526 XL Mining Light by J.W. Speaker at
The Model 526 XL was specifically designed for mining haul trucks and other heavy duty equipment where visibility plays an important role in workplace safety. The optics were specifically designed in four different beam pattern options to provide superior visibility: flood, spot, trapezoid, and the all new "Glare Buster".

The "Glare Buster" (or Anti-Glare) beam pattern is excellent at preventing glare in the drivers site line, as shown in the image below. With this light drivers no longer need to angle their light down and lose visibility.

Model 526 is part of the XL Series- an extra heavy duty line of LED worklights that were developed for extreme industrial conditions.You'll know them by the yellow housing.

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