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Dynalco SW-200B Speed Switch Three Relays

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Dynalco Speed Switch Three Relays - SW-200B

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Dynalco SW-200B Speed Switch Three Relays
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The Dynalco SW-200B Speed Switch provides three adjustable relay set points for engine overspeed protection, crank disconnect, generator field flashing, and speed monitoring with full field-programming capability. Setpoints are field-programmable and can be tested without overspeeding. It also features a gasket and sealed housing.


  • Inputs: Senses signal frequency from magnetic pickup or AC signal generator
  • Outputs: Three relays (speed setpoints) and one 0-1 mA proportional DC output
  • Field-programmable: Four DIP switches provide a variety of frequency input and overspeed relay logic configurations. Also three trim
  • potentiometers to adjust setpoint range, and one potentiometer to adjust the proportional output
  • Circuit: High-reliability. Virtually immune to electrical and RFI noise
  • Test/Verify: Permits testing without overspeeding
  • Case: Sealed and gasketed

Product Specifications:

  • Part No.: SW-200B
  • Description: Three Adjustable Relay Setpoint Speed Switch


  • Temperature: (storage & operation) –40°F to +185°F (–40°C to +85°C) / Vibration: MIL STD 810C, Method 514.2, Curve P,
  • Procedure V; MIL STD 202F, Method 201A (10-55 Hz, continues displacement of 0.06 in. P-P); Screws on all access holes are predrilled for safety wire.
  • Humidity: SAE J1211, paragraph 4.2.3., figure 3A; 95% relative humidity at +150°F (+66°C)
  • Dust: MIL STD 810C, Method 510.1, Procedure 1, Steps 1,4,5,6. (175 ft/min velocity: 0.3 g/ft3 density; <176 M average particle size)
  • Sealing: Can open and reseal case without damaging watertight integrity. O-ring sealed access holes for setpoint and proportional output
  • adjustments. Case complies with NEMA Standard 250, Types 3, 4, 12, and 13
  • Moisture protection: Component board entirely dip-coated with moisture repellent sealant


  • Power: 9–40 Vdc, 300 mA maximum. Withstands: 800 volts peak reverse voltage; 80 volts peak forward voltage, 0.1 second maximum duration; 350 volts peak forward voltage, 1 milli-second maximum duration
  • Standard signal frequency ranges: 0–11,200, 0–5,000, 0–1,000Hz. Field-selectable using built-in DIP switches
  • Input Signal: Minimum signal requirement: 50 mVrms at frequencies below 1 kHz; 0.4 Vrms at 11kHz; Maximum signal: 70 Vrms; Minimum input resistance: 10 kW

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