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Murphy Powerview Display Module PV101-C-MSTD

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Murphy Standard Powerview Display Module - PV101-C-MSTD

Product Condition: NEW
Murphy Standard Powerview PV101-C-MSTD
Supersedes and replaces the Murphy PV101, PV101-A, PV101-B and the PV101-C

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The Murphy Standard Powerview Display Module PV101-C-MSTD is a multifunction tool which enables equipment operators to view many standard engine and transmission parameters as well as active and stored trouble codes. The display can show either a single parameter or a quadrant display showing four parameters simultaneously. Diagnostic capabilities include codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions. The enhanced alarm indication has ultra-bright alarm and shutdown LEDs (amber and red).

The PV101 display is compatible with all our current J1939 gages, as well as additional J1939 I/O modules. It is also fully backward compatible with it’s predecessor, the PV100. New version of the PV101-C.



  • Tier 4 Emissions Implementation - Three icons indicating Active Regeneration, Inhibit Regeneration, and Diesel Particulate Filter Restricted. Auto DPF Regen, Request DPF Regen, and Inhibit Regen Menu active only if enabled via the Configuration Tool.
  • TSCI (Torque Speed Control) - Allows user to set run speed via CAN if supported by engine manufacturer.
  • Additional 4-Up Screen - Allows user to have two 4-Up screens to toggle between. Second user configurable screen is defaulted to show Tier 4 Parameters; Catalyst Tank Level, DPF Active Regen Status, Exhaust Filter Outlet Temp, and Exhaust Filter Inlet Temp.
  • Multiple language options − Russian, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese models have been added to the line of existing languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian).
  • Sender Input − select between backlight dimmer function or fuel level. Can be calibrated to use non-Murphy fuel senders.
  • Service Reminders – 5 service reminders allow users to set hours for: Change Engine Oil, Change Air Filters, Change Hydraulic Oil, Service Engine, and Service Machine.
  • Select Source Address – select the exact address the PV101 will claim on the Bus.
  • Select CANBUS Data Rate – allows user to select CANBUS data rate.
  • PV101 Configuration Tool – allows users to create, view, edit and download configurations for the PV101 using their computer.



  • Part No.: PV101-C-MSTD
  • Supersedes and replaces the Murphy PV101, PV101-A, PV101-B and the PV101-C
  • Case: Polycarbonate/polyester
  • Maximum Panel Thickness: 3/8 inch (9.6 mm)
  • Operating Voltage: 8 VDC minimum to 32 VDC maximum
  • Reversed Polarity: Withstands reversed battery terminal polarity indefinitely within operating temperatures
  • Operating Temperature: -40o to +85oC (-40o to +185oF)
  • Display Viewing Temperature: -29o to +85oC (-20o to +185oF)
  • Storage Temperature: -40o to +85oC (-40o to +185oF)
  • Environmental Sealing: IP68, +/-5 PSI (+/- 34kPa)
  • Power Supply Operating Current: (@ 14VDC) 52 mA min.: 300 mA max • (@ 32VDC) 1A max (with LCD heater)
  • CAN Bus: SAE J1939 compliant
  • Auxiliary RS485 Communications Port: User configurable as Modbus MASTER or Modbus RTU SLAVE • MASTER ACTIVE (default) drives optional PVA or PVM gages • SLAVE ACTIVE offers user adjustable communication parameters
  • Resistive Input: (user selectable as one of the following): Backlighting Poteniometer: 1 K Ohm, 1/4 W • Murphy Fuel Sender: 33 Ohm full, 240 Ohm empty set standard from factory for use with Murphy fuel sender. Programmable for use with non-Murphy fuel senders
  • Shipping Weight: 1 Lb. (450 g.)
  • Clamp: PBT
  • Connectors: 6-pin Deutsche DT Series

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