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October 2014 Newsletter - Smart Parts to Save you from Breakdown

October 2014 Newsletter
Smart Parts Keep you Going
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Take the time to install these parts
and keep your vehicle from failing when you need it most.
Have you ever been in a remote area when your gas gauge shows empty? Not fun, right?  Having a second gas tank will keep you on the road and give you piece of mind.. ThePollak Fuel Tank Selector Valvesare the best choice for a heavy duty selector valve for your fuel tank selector. They can be used for gas or diesel. 
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For vehicles with two batteries, Battery Isolators electrically isolate the batteries to prevent the battery with the higher charge from draining into one with a lower charge. Both batteries can be charged simultaneously from one source.

A Case Study: Sysco Foods in Los Angeles was having a problem with their drivers often finding themselves broken down on the road due to battery failure. The liftgates they used on the trucks were eating up the battery. They installed Cole Hersee Battery Isolators and saved an average of $1000 for each on-the-road break down that they'd experienced.
See Battery Isolators
A Low Voltage Disconnect Switch automatically disconnects non-critical loads when battery voltage falls below threshold and then reconnects when battery is recharged. No action is required by the vehicle operator to protect the batteries - unit alarm signals one minute before disconnect. These Low Voltage Battery Disconnect Switches can be used in harsh environments. They feature solid state reliability and resistance to vibration. Units can replace conventional solenoids.

The Cole Hersee Low Voltage Disconnect Switch is ideal for protecting vulnerable onboard electronics such as GPS, phone and computer.
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In as little as 8 weeks a fully charged battery can lose its charge. If your vehicle or machine won't be in use for a long period of time, install a Master Battery Disconnect SwitchThe Master Disconnect Switch will shut off all power to your engine, saving your battery and making sure you'll have a working vehicle or machine when you need it.

To make sure your idle vehicle isn't tampered with while in storage, get a Lockout Lever Kit. The Lockout Lever Kit 
is a special lever and flange plate that accepts a padlock to securely lock a Disconnect Switch in the off position. We recommend the use of a padlock with a 5/16" (7.9mm) diameter shackle. Follow this link to see a list of the disconnect switches that work with the Lockout Lever Kit.
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