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Return and Refund Policy

Returnable items:

You may return items that have not been used or damaged for a refund, less a 15% restocking fee.  Items must be returned within 90 days of the date your item was shipped to you.  We will refund, replace or exchange a part if it has a manufacturing defect or was damaged in shipping.  We cannot accept returns on custom ordered items.

All returned merchandise must be in new condition and in its original packaging, including all parts and paperwork.

Non-returnable items:

Merchandise that has been installed, used, drilled, bent, scratched or otherwise damaged is no longer in new and ready-to-sell condition cannot be returned for a refund. 12 volt accessories, electronic equipment, engine chips & LED light accessories are fully warranted but non-returnable unless there is a manufacturer’s defect.

Warranty for each product is according to the specific manufacturer’s policy, which is generally repair or replacement. 

Our returns and refund process: 

1. Notify us online using our Contact Us form, providing the following information for each part you're returning:

Account number or e-mail, contact name and phone number, invoice number, part number, quantity to be returned, reason for return.  If the part is defective, what is the nature of the defect?  If part did not fit, what was the application?

2. We will review the information, and issue a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) and the correct return address to you within one business day.

3. Package the return merchandise to avoid damage; include all the original packaging, parts and paperwork; and write the the RMA# on the package label.

4. Return the item within 48 hours of receiving your RMA#, excluding weekends and holidays. Please ship the items pre-paid and insured by UPS/Fed Ex, US Mail or other tracked shipping service. (No collect shipments are accepted.)

5. Please send the return tracking number and ship date to us. This will help speed up the refund/exchange process, and it is your proof that the merchandise has been returned. 

6. Refunds for standard returns are issued within 10 business days of receipt of the item at our warehouse.  Warranty refunds requiring manufacturers' authorization will be issued within 8 weeks of receipt of the item at our warehouse

Labeling your return with an RMA number, correct return address and giving us the tracking number helps you by:

1. Clearly identifying returned merchandise.  Without an RMA number on label, your package may not be processed quickly, or could be accidentally restocked without being refunded. We do not take responsibility for mis-handled returns when an RMA# was not on the label.

2. Getting your package to the right warehouse. We ship from multiple warehouses in the United States, and your part must be returned to the correct location. Shipping a return to the wrong warehouse may delay processing your return and could result in additional fees. We are not responsible for lost packages.

3. Avoiding lost returns. Without a proper RMA# and Tracking number, your package can easily get lost. Having these numbers makes it much easier to find and identify a missing package.