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Early Warning Surface Temperature Information for Vehicle Operators - The RoadWatch System

The RoadWatch

Air and Road Surface Temperature System

Take the guess work out of knowing the surface temperature
of the road. Protect your people
your equipment.

The RoadWatch System features the most technologically advanced early warning system of road and air temperatures in the industry.

roadwatch system keep your crew and equipment safe

buy roadwatch celsius road surface temperature gauge

  buy roadwatch fahrenheit road surface temperature gauge  
use road watch for determing the temperature of the road for roadwork

the sensor and how it shows how the road surface is read



Many Highway Departments have made their jobs much easier and safer by installing the RoadWatch Safety System on their plows, sanding trucks and other essential winter equipment.  Through infrared technology the Roadwatch system captures the ambient and road surface temperatures and alerts the driver with a flashing light when the temperature of the road surface reaches 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars are spent each year on sand and costly de-icing chemicals.  RoadWatch takes the guess work out of where these elements should be deployed.  This not only protects the drivers and vehicles on the road but saves taxpayers major bucks by not wasting expensive materials. 

Whether you are a Fleet, repair or provide parts to Fleets RoadWatch is a product you or your customers need in the winter months ahead. 

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