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September still feels like a new year mark to many of us. For some it means back-to-school with new clothes, new books and notebooks. Here at PARTDEAL it means new parts!  We're embracing that new feeling and enjoying adding lots of NEW products to our inventory in the next few months.
We'd love your feedback. If there is something you've been looking for, feel free to contact us. Read more below to find out more about some recent additions to our offerings.  Also, make sure to take advantage of the $5.00 Overnight Shipping offer!Thanks so much for your business.
$5.00 Overnite Shipping through Sept 30th!
Our options in PIC pressure gauges has gotten bigger as we recently added about 15 gauges to our inventory. 

Precision Instrument Company has provided high-quality pressure and temperature instruments for 25 years.  Built for use in a wide variety of applications and industries, PIC is committed to providing their customers with the best product at the best price available.

We think you'll be pleased with the low cost and high quality of these PIC gauges. The quality compares to Ashcroft.

We've carried PIC gauges for years now and our customer service team is very impressed with them. We've never received a return or a defective PIC gauge! 

In order to determine the part number you need for your PIC pressure gauge, just follow the instructions on our PIC Design a Gauge page.
PIC Oil and Pressure Gauges

We recently added a line called Veethree to our catalog and we think you'll be happy with these hard to find products.

Veethree has been an innovator of quality OEM and After-Market instrumentation for over 30 years. We're pleased to be adding them to the PARTDEAL offerings.

We currently have on the website a selection of 2 1/16 inch (52mm) gauge pods in one, two or three openings with a carbon fiber finish.

Veethree also has a line of pressure switches that we now carry and more exciting products will be coming soon including hourmeters and temp switches.
Veethree Gauge Pod Pillar Mounts
I just installed a fancy new transmission into my old rig, but there's just one problem. How do I connect my speedometer to the OEM speed sensor? 
GPS Receiver VeethreeIf you're using a programmable speedometer your problem is answered. VeeThree has developed a GPS speedometer sender. Yep, that’s right - G P S. Depending on need it can create 8 or 16 pulses and is so easy to wire up even I could do it.
What if you're not using a programmable speedometer? We have them in stock! Select from 3-3/8inch, 4-5/8 inch, and 5 inch diameters.  Check out 
our selection of speedometers on the website.

So no more fiddling around with signal generators, magnetic pickups, and/or drive tips. Just mount this little guy where he can see the sky and you can enjoy your new fancy transmission with all those gears.

If you have questions give us a call at 1-800-333-7976 or email us and ask about the GPS receiver for programmable speedometers. We'd love to tell you more about it. join us on facebook, twitter, contact us 800-333-7976 on facebook on twitter contact
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