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Features of VDO RoadLog E-log

RoadLog Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR), or E-log, was designed to provide fast, easy compliance with HOS regulations, but it can also make operations safer, more efficient and more profitable. RoadLog allows drivers, fleets, and owner / operators to record and report Hours-of-Service (HOS) and other key compliance data quickly, easily and without monthly fees.

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Designed to keep drivers on the move.


RoadLog automatically tracks driver’s time on the road – and warns drivers if they are about to exceed allowable limits. RoadLog tracks driver’s status in one of four categories:

  • On-duty
  • Driving
  • Sleeper berth
  • Off-duty


Roadside inspection? No problem!


At the touch of a button, RoadLog’s built-in printer provides a paper report showing complete Hours of Service (HOS) data. RoadLog printouts provide information for both drivers and compliance officers faster, easier and more accurately than a manual log.


Need to provide an electronic data record?


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Drivers can use the RoadLog Driver Key USB to download and hand off complete data in seconds. And, using the RoadLog Driver Key USB, drivers can carry data with them from vehicle to vehicle.


Compliance review? No problem!


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All the data is visible and archived in the fleet software readily available for export.


Easy data downloads.

With VDO RoadLog, fleet managers can download drivers’ data in seconds. Future updates will include optional wireless communication via cellular networks (cellular service plan will be required).

VDO RoadLog features:

  • All-in-one solution with no additional devices or monthly costs
  • Integrated printer for faster roadside checks
  • Simplified information reporting for:
    • Hours-of-Service (HOS) as per US and Canadian rules
    • Vehicle Inspection and Repair Maintenance (DVIR) as per US and Canadian rules
  • Easy data transfer from USB
  • FMCSA compliant
  • Upgradable to future US and Canadian regulations
  • Interface to additional fleet management and online services
  • Electronic data signature to ensure authenticity and integrity of all electronic data
  • Data access control through proprietary USB


In the near future, additional data tracking capabilities will be available through a seamless, free software upgrade:

  • Hours-of-Service (HOS) according to Canadian rules
  • Vehicle Inspection and Repair Maintenance (DVIR) according to Canadian rules
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • International Registration Plan (IRP)

Future RoadLog versions will include:

  • Optional wireless communication via cellular networks
  • Optional online solution with web based services


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VDO RoadLog data recording capabilities:

Driver User Record-of-Duty Status Data Recording (15 Days)

  • On-duty
  • Driving
  • Sleeper berth
  • Off-duty


Vehicle Events Data Recording (30 days)

  • Traveling / stop status detection
  • Trailer assignment – shipment document recording
  • Shipment document recording
  • Total odometer
  • Refueling tracking


Vehicle Tracking Data Recording (30 Days)

Global positioning data acquisition


Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) Data Recording (30 Days)

Tracking vehicle mechanical / electrical defects reported by the driver


Company Log in / Log off Data Recording

Ability to track vehicle’s use by more than one company or more than one driver


Non-Zero Vehicle and Engine Speed Recording (360 Hours)

  • Detection of harsh braking and over rev
  • Two digital inputs can be recorded (e.g. door open)


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