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  • Top 10 Reasons To Make the Switch to LED Lights Today

    LED lights are better for your truck

    You know that LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights are superior to traditional lights, so what's stopping you from making the change? Is it the initial cost of replacing your vehicle or work lights with an LED version?

    Switching to LED lights can make a direct impact on the safety of your vehicle, your property and yourself. A vehicle that lights up brighter and faster means less accidents. A work lamp that shines further and brighter means a better and safer place to work. All the benefits of LED lights add up to big savings for you.

    This is a good time of year to re-evaluate your working lights and get prepared for a potential dark and extreme upcoming winter season.

    Here are the top 10 reasons to switch to LED lights:


    1. LEDs Light up Faster.  

    LED's illuminate 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This means that the car or truck behind you will see your break lights, signals and emergency lights faster. At 65 mph this could mean as much added time as the length of a car.

    2. LEDs Reach Further. 

    LED lights have a broader reach. The light is more spread out instead of pin-pointed. In a 2013 article on Overdrive Online, a driver tested the Truck-Lite LED headlights on his Freightliner Cascadia. He noticed that not only could he see much more on the sides of the roads than he could before, but he also could see further down the road with his low-beams on then he could with his previous lights.

    3. LEDs Last Longer.

    With incandescent or halogen lights, the strength and effectiveness slowly fade. The driver may not even realize that it's 20% or 50% less bright. LED lights stay the same strength until the end. Most LED lights will last 100,000 hours or more. led clearance and marker lights for HD trucks and vehicles

    4. LEDs Weather Better.

    LED Lights withstand extreme cold and extreme heat much better than incandescent or halogen lamps. This is especially important for exterior truck lights, markers, brake lights and emergency lights. You don't want your lights not working in an emergency weather event.

    5. LEDs Can Save you a Ticket.

    Since LED lights last much longer than standard lights, the chances of the mandatory lights on your vehicle dying out are less likely. They'll last longer and burn brighter longer - giving you fewer opportunities to be caught with a burnt-out light.

    6. LEDs are Not Sensitive to Vibrations 

    Because LED lamps don't use fragile wire filaments that stretch, weaken and eventually fail, LED lights are less vunerable to shock and vibrations. They are especially well-suited to off-road, heavy duty and extreme heavy duty applications.

    7. LEDs Don't Attract Insects.  

    This may not seem like a huge issue, but if you are out in the late summer fields with a LED work light or two, or stopped on a road in an emergency - you'll be glad that the insects are not attracted to your lights. LED Heavy Duty Work Lights

    8. LEDs Put Off Very Little Heat 

    This will be greatly appreciated when working near a LED work lamp. This feature can also save you energy if you are running interior lights in your vehicle. By not heating up the interior of your vehicle from the lights, you don't need to run the a/c as much.

    9. LEDs Come in Colors 

    Incandescent lights rely on lenses to create a colored light effect, which fade and crack over time. LED lights are available in all kinds of colors and therefore can use a clear or matching colored lens. The end result will still be the color of the diode itself. LEDs come in everything from basic red to purple.

    10. LEDs Save You Money 

    Most of the reasons listed above result in LED lights saving you money over conventional lights. They'll last longer, shine brighter, illuminate further and save you from adding heat to your space. The initial investment in switching to LED lights will quickly be offset by the higher quality working conditions and the longevity of your lights. LEd Lights for heavy Duty Vehicles

    You can see the most popular LED Lighting categories here in Truck/Transportation, Work Lights , SpotlightsDriving Lights and Misc. Lights

    If you need any assistance in finding the LED replacements you need, please feel free to contact us.

  • HVAC: Why do my Hoses have Holes in them? (Video)

    Pinpricking: Why it's critical that your hoses have holes in them

    If one of the most important features of a hose is its ability to hold pressure, why does it have holes in it?

    Those holes, also called pinpricks, actually help lengthen the life of your hoses.

    Pinpricks on outer hose covers are often mistaken for holes, but they are in fact intentional and a necessity. Air and gasses can slowly permeate and accumulate between the tube layers. Pinpricking the outer cover allows trapped gasses to escape from the hose casing. If your hose didn’t have pinpricks you would soon see bubbles or blisters start to appear in the cover of the hose.

    Pinpricking is performed by a wheel that passes along the hose during the production process - pricking just the cover and stopping at the layer of reinforcement.

    All Yellow Jacket hoses are pinpricked to prevent bubbling.  The Plus II line of hoses features a triple layer protection system which includes:

    1. A nylon layer to prevent gasses from getting out and moisture from getting in.
    2. Rubber and braid layers for strength.
    3. Pinpricked outer cover for protection


    See all Yellow Jacket Service Tools, including hoses.

  • 5 Top PPE Products to keep your Workplace Safe and Compliant

    Nation Safety Month - PPE Wear for your BusinessKeeping your employees safe and protected is the most important thing you can do for your business. It doesn't take a lot of energy or money to make sure your crew is outfitted with protection for their head, eyes, hands, ears and other areas of the body that need to be protected while working on site.

    We now carry high quality, durable, PPE gear for your team. Prices and products have been chosen with bulk savings and best coverage in mind for your business. These 5 spots are key in helping you protect the health of your workers and keeping your incident rate low.

    pe wear wholesale and retail at

    hardhats wholesale and in bulk PPE wear eye protection glasses ppe wholesale adn in bulk at ear protection hearing earplugs for warehouse jobsite wholesale work gloves for warehouse, industrial, heavy duty safety PPE High Visibility Wear Hi-Vis Wholesale


    1. HEAD PROTECTION - The majority of workers that have head injuries on the job are not wearing hard hats when the injury occurs. Make sure your team has hard hats that are in good shape and not damaged. Replace suspension straps in hard hats every year and hardhat shells every 3 years. Replace any hardhat that sustains a blow. If your workplace has any possibility of falling objects, hard hats must be worn according to OSHA requirements.

    Radians Hard Hats are made of High Density Polyethylene Construction. All Hard Hats Meet ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 – Class G & E Standards. Bulk pricing. see all hard hats on

    2. EYE PROTECTION - Safety glasses or face shields must be worn anytime work operations can cause foreign objects to get into the eye - for example during welding, cutting, grinding, nailing (or when working with concrete and/or harmful chemicals or when exposed to flying particles). Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented with the proper selection and use of eye and face protection.

    Our Protective Eyegear lenses and frames are in compliance with the specifications for safety eyewear described in the ANSI Z87.1 standard.

    see all safety glasses on

    3. HEARING PROTECTION - Four million workers work each day in noise damaging to their ears. Ten million people in the U.S. have a noise-related hearing loss. Making it easy for workers to protect their hearing is important. Providing comfortable earplugs so that workers keep the plugs in their ears is key.  Resistor foam plugs have been designed so that the tip of the plug will expand faster than the rest of it, therefore making it fit in the ear canal more comfortably.

    Resistor Foam Earplugs are tested according to ANSI specs S3.19-1974. The NRR 32 dB foam pieces are quality controlled to ensure an even sound coverage through the foam plug.

    see all earplugs on

    4. HAND PROTECTION One glove does not fit all. Not in size and not in duty. Getting the right glove for your particular kind of work is crucial to keeping your crew safe and performing at thier best. An uncomfortable, too hot, or ill-fitting glove will just be taken off and that's when hand injuries occur.

    Cestus Armored Gloves have gloves for practically every industrial and construction application. everything from Mining Gloves to Wind Turbine Operator Gloves to Bricklaying Gloves. Find the best glove for you and your crew. Contact us for volume discounts.

    see all work gloves on

    5. BODY PROTECTION - 2,500 injuries per year are visibility-related. High-Visibility Workwear is essential in keeping workers safe and is required in many kinds of work. The only way to make sure a body is seen in all circumstances is to be sure they are wearing Hi-Vis Clothing with Reflective Stripes. 

    Our Hi-Visibility Workwear is available in a large selction of sizes. All Hi-Viz wear meets compliance standards.



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  • Blue Sea Systems now on Get your Catalog!

    Who is Blue Sea and Why is this Such Great News?








    • Electronic Systems
    - Blue Sea Systems manufactures quality power distribution and     management parts designed for emergency, specialty, commercial and marine vehicles.

    • Warranty - Blue Sea Systems stands behind its products for as long as you own them (parts with screens have a 3-5 year warranty).

    • Made in the U.S. - 70% of Blue Sea Systems parts are made in Bellingham, Washington. Their distribution center is in Florida.

    • Heavy Duty - Blue Sea Systems parts are solid and durable. You can tell the difference by just holding one in your hand.




    The Emergency Vehicle industry needs reliable parts that can withstand harsh environments.  

    Blue Sea parts are made to meet these needs. 

    Blue Sea Systems parts are rugged and made to endure extreme temperatures as well as shock and vibration.

    Because of this, Blue Sea products are often installed on Police, Fire Apparatus, Emergency Response and Command Vehicles. 

    - OEM's - Call PARTDEAL for bulk pricing 800-333-7976 -


    blueseascatalogshot offers the full line of Blue Sea products.

    If you're interested in this line, we'd like to provide you a FREE Blue Sea Systems catalog. 

    For a limited time we'll mail out the full line print catalog to you. Just provide us with your address here .

    We also have a digital version that you can view / save / print immediately (if printing, keep in mind it's 145 pages).

    You're welcome to call to learn more about Blue Sea Systems and request a catalog.

  • 8 Great Grease Gun Tips to Keep Your Gun in Top Condition

    Although most tools come with instruction books, it's by talking to fellow users that you often find the most helpful information. We've gathered a few Grease Gun care tips here for you. Please feel free to share your tips on our Facebook page or email us.

    1. Always store your grease gun hanging. If you lay it on it's side a long air bubble can form and make your gun useless.*

    2. Pay attention to the arrows on your cartridges and make sure to store them upright and as the arrows show.

    greasingman3. Store your gun and cartridges in a warm environment. Warm grease flows better. If you store them in a cold garage or shop, a few days before planning to use your gun move them in from a cold environment.

    4. Keep your gun clean. Dirt can clog passageways and contaminate bearings.

    5. If using a cartridge to load a grease gun, be careful when removing the metal lid that no metal slivers are introduced into the grease.

    6. Wipe your zerks off before you grease. This will ensure that a bit of grit or water won't get pushed into the joint.

    7. The Snap Coupler on the end of the hose is made to stay on the fitting while you're pumping grease. If it's hard to remove, loosen the coupler a bit. The threaded couplers are meant to be kept a little loose.

    8. Calibrate grease guns regularly by marking the gun with it's actual delivery rate to ensure the proper delivery volume

    *Some people have stated that they prefer to store their gun horizontal to keep the oil from bleeding out of the grease. What do you think? What have you found is the best way to store it?

  • The Future of Airflow Measurement is Now - The Smart Phone Anemometer


    The new ABM-100 Airflow Meter (Anemometer) from Automatic Airflow Balancing changes the industry.



    stripforblog-abm3A meter that fits in your pocket and connects to your smart phone can now replace the large and loud airflow meters of the past. The AAB free app works with all iOS devices and most Android.  

    The ABM-100 Anemometer quickly converts air speed into air volume and shows it on your smart phone screen. It eliminates the need to remember formulas or use a calculator.


    • Label each reading
    • Make notes for every vent you measure.
    • Save it in your history logs.
    • Email a professional report directly to the client
    • Email a report to yourself for customization
    • Copy report to an excel or word file to customize

    The ABM-100 Smart Phone Anemometer is one of those products that lives up to our past dreams of how technology was going to make our jobs easier.

    This Anemometer is fast, easy and accurate. In fact, the ABM-100 has been shown to be more accurate than other Anemometers. It has an accuracy to +/- 0.5% of the reading at up to 15° off-axis. Follow this link to see a video comparing the ABM-100 to the Alnor Balometer

    This Airflow Smart Phone Meter has endless uses. Obvoiously it can used to check the airflow in offices, businesses and homes, making this a perfect tool for every HVAC contractor and repairman.

    The ABM-100 is also ideal for all mobile HVAC repair, installers and mechanics. Use it to check the vents, defrost, a/c, engine air intake and engine exhaust flows.

    The Smart Phone Anemometer can also be used to measure wind in any instance. Here are some ideas we've come up with.

    • Find the best spot to place a wind generator
    • Test airflow from fume hoods
    • Test airflow in Laminar flow work stations
    • Check the airflow in small spaces like mines
    • Check the wind speed for kite flying, sailing or hang gliding
    • Portable Clean Room Air Velocity (AV) flow verification
    • Use it to measure the wind outside during a storm - any weather enthusiast would love this.

    What can you come up with?

    This Smart Device Anemometer is an outstanding tool for great price. We're looking forward to more of AAB's Smart Device related tools. Some products coming up include a Smart Phone Static Pressure Meter, Smart Phone Thermal Imaging and a Smart Phone Gas Pressure Meter.

    See more in the video below:


  • 7 Incredible Tests this Heavy Duty Worklight Can Endure (Video)

    JW Speaker XD Series Work Lights

    LED Worklights are easy enough to come by these days, but how many can really hold up to the harsh conditions they're exposed to on extreme and rugged work sites? How can you know you're getting a heavy duty work light that won't fail you when need it you most?

    J.W. Speaker Lighting, an OEM manufacturer of worklights for companies like John Deere, Harley Davidson and Arctic Cat, have made it crystal clear that you can count on their XD Series of Heavy Duty Work Lights. They filmed a series of jaw-dropping experiments in their Torture Test video below.

    The XD Series Work Lights have a unique thermally-conductive polycarbonate housing that's been specifically designed to maximize the performance of the LEDs. XD Series worklights are compact, lightweight, corrosion resistant and impact resistant. Their longevity is unmatched, lasting 50 times longer than halogen worklights and 20 times longer than HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamps).

    Most XD LED Worklights have a choice of three beam patterns; Spot, Trapezoid and Flood. You can see how the different beam patterns would project on the graph below for the Model 880 XD Worklight.

    As you'll see, The J.W. Speaker XD Series light can endure many things.

    beam patterns shown on jw speaker xd series lightsSo, feel free to:

    1. Drop it off the top of a three story building
    2. Run it over with a forklift
    3. Immersed it deep underwater
    4. Drill a hole directly through it
    5. Burn it to a crisp with a blow torch
    6. Pound it with a sledgehammer
    7. Saw it in half

    Sounds incredible, right?  Watch the video and witness it for yourself.  J.W. Speakers XD Series LED Worklights are the toughest, roughest high performing LED Worklights available.

  • Which Work Glove is Best for my Heavy Duty Work?









  is proud to now offer a premium line of work gloves by Cestus Gloves, a Portland, Oregon company with over 30 years' experience in the glove manufacturing business.

    Hand injuries are the second most common injury in the workplace. 70% of all hand injuries were suffered by workers not wearing gloves. These statistics make it very clear.  The proper work gloves will protect you and your hands from painful injury and loss of work time.

    Cestus Gloves are made with comfort in mind as well as protection. If a glove isn't comfortable, a worker might take it off and this is when hand injuries can occur. Cestus makes sure that their gloves are breathable and bendable. All of their gloves are manufactured to follow the natural curves of the hand at rest. This helps reduce hand strain because the wearer isn't fighting against the construction of the the gloves when wearing them. All gloves are also manufactured with breathability in mind. Keeping your hands cool and comfortable is as important as keeping them protected. If your hands overheat, then a glove may be removed making risk of injury higher.

    Cestus working gloves are designed for heavy duty industries like Mining, Oil and Gas, Heavy Equipment Operation, Search and Rescue, Shipyard Work, Welding and more. They also make work gloves for other trades like Bricklaying and Masonry, Landscaping, Box Handling, Framing and Roofing, Wind Turbine Operators as well as manufacturing a large selection of general-use and utility work gloves.

    The following are just a few of the features that Cestus gloves provide:

    Impact Protection
    Flame Protection
    Extra Grip Power
    High Visibility
    Cut Resistant
    Oil Resistant

    Get to Know Cestus Gloves

    Cestus focuses on specific jobs and industries, working with people in that line of work and getting feedback all along the design process. They offer a number of selections in the following categories:

    Vibration Series - These gloves are made specifically to absorb vibrations from machinery and powerful tools. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) affects 1.5 to 2 million U.S. workers and can result in loss of coordination, numbness and spasms. Anti-Vibration gloves aim to absorb and dampen the vibrations emitted by these tools before they affect the central nervous system.

    These Vibration Absoption gloves by Cetsus feature Hexagonal Memory Gel®, a Cestus®-exclusive technology, that absorbs vibrations through its hexagonal shape and gel material. This helps reduce the number of vibrations that reach the hand, and makes handling tools and operating equipment safer.

    Miners Series - Because Mining operations are full of potential hazards that can cause serious injury, the Cestus Miners Series gloves have been designed to protect the hands against lacerations, impact and abrasions. This line also provides a glove that's oil-resistant and extra grippy. Miners series gloves consist of three main gloves, but many of the Pro Series gloves will also working for mining work.

    Pro Series - The Pro Series gloves have been designed largely for working in the oil and gas industry.  The chance of blunt-force trauma, severe cuts and scrapes are high in this industry. Cestus Pro Series gloves have impact protection on knuckles and fingers and a strong oil-resistant grip. Many come in High-Visibility colors, which is key in preventing accidents on the job.

    Welder Series - This series of gloves are made specifically for welders and shipyard workers. Leather and impact resistant gloves protect the hand from trauma and flames. Lastamid fabric gloves protect from cuts, fire and water. Lastamid is a self-extinguishing fabric that can withstand temperatures of 1600° Celsius without igniting. Some gloves come with Hexagonal Memory Gel for vibration absorpbtion.

    Trade Series - The Cestus Trade Series features gloves that have been designed to protect hands in particular professional trades. Many of these gloves can also be used as a general-use work glove. Cestus worked with landscapers, framers, wind turbine operators and people in other fields like carpentry, construction and glass handling  to design the right glove to help you tackle your work day.

    Handler Series - The Handler series of gloves is designed with grip ability being the number one priority. Whether you are handling boxes all day, bricks or chainsaws this series of gloves has something to make your work day better while protecting your hands. Included in this line is a Handler glove made for extrication and search and rescue.

    Temp Series - This is where you will find winter versions of your favorite gloves as well as gloves made especially for snow management, snow machine operation and winter sports. Also in this category, Microsable liners that you can use to make any Cestus work glove warmer for the winter months.

    The right glove can not only protect you, it can also help make your work day easier. Cestus' dedication to comfort and protection means Cestus work gloves on you and your crew will save loss of work time from injuries and keep your team safe.

  • Searching for Signal-Stat

    Have you had trouble looking for a Signal-Stat or SigFlare part?

    Signal-Stat was acquired over a decade ago and parts are not always labeled as Signal-Stat these days. At we make sure to label the Signal-Stat parts with their name as well as the part number so you can quickly find the replacement you need.

    Here's a little history about the brand and some help on how you can find Signal-Stat parts.


    In the mid-1930s a number of states in the U.S. made electric turn signals mandatory on larger trucks. Signal-Stat answered the need and was an early creator of the electric turn signal. Their first efforts created a vacuum formed thin plastic light which didn't have the longevity and durability needed.  Signal-Stat improved on their design and manufactured a new high quality acrylic lensed drum-style light in the years following WWII. These were much stronger and many still survive today. Because of the advanced design and quality, Signal-Stat lights at one time dominated 75% of the market. To this day, many restorers of 1950s trucks will seek out the Signal-Stat lights and turn signals for their authentic restoration.

    truck-lite-900-diagram-blog The popular Signal-Stat and SigFlare Turn Signals are all available on

    Signal-Stat thrived thorough the decades after WWII growing their line and garnering a reputation for the preferred light of professionals. In 2002, Truck-Lite acquired Signal-Stat and added them to their already impressive selection of sealed truck and transportation lights.

    Truck-Lite is a well-known company that's been manufacturing truck and trailer safety lighting for over 50 years.

    Truck-Lite Signal Stat Heavy Duty LightsIt was Truck-Lite's LED Stop/Turn/Tail lamp that paved the way for the usage of LED lighting in the industry. Truck-Lite's LEDs emit light while using much less power than a standard incandescent bulb. More importantly, they carry a life span of up to 100,000 hours.

    The Signal-Stat line of LED lighting products have been engineered to offer high quality LED lighting technology, while using full pattern optics popular among smaller fleets and owner operators. With clear lens, red and amber lighting products, the Signal-Stat line is capable of offering the clean, streamlined appearance popular among show trucks as well. This complete line of LED lamps offers solutions for a growing number of heavy-duty applications. From stop, turn & tail lighting to back-up lamps, the line is able to retrofit virtually all existing trailers, through the use of standard industry plug connections.

    Features of all Truck-Lite and Signal-Stat LED Lights:

    • Exceed legal requirements
    • Have an extensive pattern of multiple diodes
    • Carry a two year limited warranty
    • Retrofit easily using standard plug connections
    • Resist shock & vibration
    • Have all electronics sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion & moisture
    • Draw less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life

    If you're searching for replacements for your Signal-Stat, SigFlare or Federal Mogul Lights you'll find them under the name Truck-Lite as well. We have the full line of  Truck-Lite / Signal-Stat parts listed on the website.

    Having trouble finding a certain Signal-Stat part? Feel free to contact and we can do the searching for you.

    ss Signal Stat 6050A LED Stop/Tail/Turn Light
  • Cable Safety You Can't Afford to Ignore

    cablesafety-blogHaving uncovered cables in your facility, whether it’s temporary or permanent, is a dangerous practice and something that should be a priority to remedy. According to OSHA 15% of all accidental deaths and 12-15% off all Workers’ Compensation claims are caused by trips, slips and falls.

    If you aren’t keeping your cables covered correctly you’re not only risking the health and safety of your employees and guests, but, you’re also risking severe damage to your expensive cables and hoses from vehicles, carts and forklifts.

    Luckily, the solution to this problems is an easy one. Invest now in a line of quality cable covers that will save you money sooner than you may realize. Checkers Cable Protectors are available for every kind of workplace scenario you can imagine.

    Checkers has the right configuration for your business whether your need is for an office, an outdoor event, a warehouse, a factory, a construction company, a hospital, a
    convention, a repair shop - pretty much any workplace or event you can imagine.

    Checkers even has cable covers for the mining industry that can withstand the weight of a 400-ton haul truck without crushing the hose underneath (see the video!).

    Here are some of the benefits of a Checkers Cable Protection system:

    • Prevent employee and public injuries
    • Protect valuable hoses and cables from damage
    • Make your business ready for any inspection
    • Save in repaving costs when used for a temporary      construction situation
    • Create a cleaner and more efficient workplace
    • Move protectors easily when cable configurations change
    • Polyurethane material is incredibly strong and durable
    • Protectors have a 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction

    How to Choose a Cable Protector System

    When deciding on which Cable Protector is right for you. The first thing to determine is if you need:

    a. A general purpose cable cover for people and light vehicles
    b. A heavy duty solution for trucks, utility vehicles and heavy traffic

    Then consider these 3 questions:

    1. What is the largest diameter of cable channel needed?
    2. How many cable channels are needed?
    3. What kind of traffic will be crossing over these cable covers?

    These three questions will narrow it down for you.

    Some other things that may help decide what you need:

    • Do the cable covers need to turn, split or create a 4-way?
    • Is an ADA/DDA Accessibility Ramp option needed?
    • Is a certain color needed?
    • Is a drop-over style placement needed because the cables will be moving regularly?

    All of these options are available in more than one system, but not in all systems. Defining what you need before choosing your cable covers is the best way to get the system that will work the best with your business for a long, long time.

    All straight length cable protectors are 36" or 3 feet. If you're in an industry where you will be transporting the cable covers often, many of them work well in this Storage and Transport Cart that Checkers designed for this purpose.

    We’ve created some reference guides to help you determine which Cable Covers are best for you.

    If you need general purpose coverage for an office, commercial space, indoor entertainment,  school or warehouse click here.General Purpose guide for Cable Covers for Warehouse, Office, Industrial, Events

    If you need heavy duty coverage for a warehouse, factory, outdoor event, mining site or utility facilities, click here.Guide for Heavy Duty Cable and Hose Covers for Industrial, Mining, Facotry, Manufacturing


    If you’d like to choose your protectors by load capacity, click here.

    cable covers guide by load capacityCheckers Cable Protectors are one of the best investments you can make for your business and your people. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions so we can help you find the right system for you.

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