About Us

Our company began as an auto parts distributor in Portland, Oregon in 1949. Today we're still headquartered in Portland, but we specialize in stocking and sourcing hard to find parts for operator information, comfort, control and safety.

We provide a unique combination of customer service and technical expertise for market segments including OEM’s, fleets, resellers, installers, dealerships and exporters. We can help you find replacements or matches for obsolete parts, set up special orders, or create custom parts with your branding on them. We serve customers across the United States and internationally.

If you can’t find a part on the website, our customer service reps would be glad to help. Noel, Keith, Kathy and the rest of our team each has 10+ years of parts-industry knowledge. They can give you unique solutions to technical problems, from installation guides to finding replacements for obsolete parts. Plus they can go straight to our suppliers for those really detailed questions.

Our team takes pride in being:

Knowledgeable: We know HD control parts better than anyone else, including finding matches for old or obsolete stock. If we can’t solve your HD part problem, we’ll contact the distributor to get the information you need.

Efficient: We work fast to ensure your vehicle or equipment is back in service ASAP.

Flexible: We can arrange special orders, bespoke shipments, branded parts or create custom shipping schedules to meet your needs.

Friendly: We’re a small business that values every customer and enjoys finding the best part or solution for you.

We welcome your feedback and comments on our service. Please Contact Us with your feedback or suggestions.