Wholesale Account - FAQ

How do I sign up for a wholesale account?  

When you create an account or place an order on the website, just enter your company or sole proprietorship in the company field. This will prompt you to answer additional questions about your business, including the type of company registration, market segment, Federal Tax ID number, etc.  Filling in this information sets up your wholesale account.    

Can I get Net 30-day payment terms through the website?  

Yes, you may request 30-day terms when you create an account or when you place your first order. When you request 30-day terms, a Part Deal customer service representative will email you a credit application for you to complete and return. On approval, your website account will be set up to allow payment by purchase order.

Do all customers qualify for wholesale prices?  

We offer wholesale pricing to all our customers - retail and wholesale. We've made this decision because 95% of customers shopping our site qualify for wholesale pricing. Before we offered everyone wholesale pricing, only a few customers did not qualify but many wholesale customers were receiving retail prices. So, we decided to simplify our pricing policy and offer the best price to everyone. This ensures our wholesale customers (you!) get the right price the first time.

Can I get a discount for buying in large volumes?  

We may be able to offer a discount for purchases of 20 or more products, depending upon the products and the brand. Contact us at support@partdeal.com or (503)802-1370 to get a quote.