Fuel Gauges

Fuel Gauges

We sell Datcon, Stewart Warner, ISSPRO and VDO fuel gauges for HD equipment. All fuel gauges are electric, meaning they draw a signal from a sensor (or sender) that resides in the fuel tank. About 80% of fuel gauges we sell work with senders that are standard match (or sometimes called 240 Ohm or SW match or Stewart Warner Match). Datcon, Stewart Warner, ISSPRO and VDO all make standard match gauges. VDO match, AC match and Ford match gauges are also in the market. Traditional fuel senders are a float arm sender, which has a float that raises and lowers as the tank is filled and drained. They are adjustable to tank depth, low cost and well-proven. However, the moving parts have a slightly higher likelihood of failure over decades of use. Tube senders have few or no moving parts and are more rugged but must be ordered to length and are more expensive.

You will find gauges, pumps and valves here. Follow this link in the Senders Section of Gauges for Fuel Senders or Sensors.

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