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Checkers Industrial Safety Products - Warning Whips, Cable Protectors, Chocks and More.

Checkers Industrial Safety ProductsCheckers Industrial Safety Products




Since 1987, Checkers Industrial has been making innovative and quality industrial safety products that save lives and protect assets. 

Checkers is based in Colorado and all products are made inthe USA.  Checkers Cable Management Systems are the top used Cable Systems in the world. Their Heavy Duty and General Use Wheel Chocks are for use in residential, commercial, industrial, and aviation applications. Their Warning Whips are fully customizable and available in heavy duty and general use. 

Cable Protectors from Checkers

Checkers Cable Protectors are available for use in all applications - from general warehouse use, to event use, to heavy duty mining use. Protect your cables and protect your equipment by using the strongest cable protectors on the market. All are made out of Polyurethane and all made in the USA.


Checekrs Warning Flags and PolesCheckers Warning Whips poles, flags and lights are made to withstand the harshest conditions in traffic safety, construction and other industrial applications. The lights for the whips are the brightest on the market. Whips are ideal for marking a work area, for warning vehicles and for making sure your vehicle or machine is seen. Customize your whip by choosing the type, the length, the light, the flag and the mount.


Checkers Wheel Chocks for Heavy Duty Checkers Polyurethane Wheel Chocks show greater durability and flexibilty over rubber chocks. In addition Polyurethane wheel chocks are resistant to extreme weather conditions, tears, abrasions, oils and solvents. Checkers makes wheel chocks for everything from automobiles to earthmovers to airplanes. They manufacture the most popular wheel chock used in the mining industry.

Checkers LED Road FlaresCheckers Electronic LED Emergency Flares are robust electronic flares made to withstand heavy duty. Electronic flares are often used in emergency kits as a roadside alert. They're often also used by search and rescue teams, tow trucks, police and firefighters, truckers, construction workers and in many other instances when a warning needs to be issued. Electronic Flares are a better option than traditional flares. They save you time and money and reuseable and non-toxic.