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Dynalco SST-2400A Speed Switch/Transmitter

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Dynalco Speed Switch/Transmitter - SST-2400A

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Dynalco SST-2400A Speed Switch/Transmitter
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The Dynalco SST-2400A Speed Switch/Transmitter is a high quality speed switch/transmitter that features 4 sealed relay setpoints and receives signal input from a passive or active magnetic pickup, shaft encoder, contact closure, flowmeter, etc. to provide proportional analog outputs. This SST-2000 series speed switch/transmitter is CSA, CE approved. Approvals: CSA General Classification


  • Proportional outputs of either 4–20 mA (standard), 0–5 Vdc, or 0–10 Vdc are fieldselectable. Standard 0-1 mAdc meter output included
  • Models available with up to four alarm setpoints
  • Field-selectable frequency range
  • Field-adjustable sensitivity control
  • Field-programmable for many types of sensors, including contact closure input
  • Repeater output drives counters and self-powered digital tachometers such as Dynalco's SPD-100 and SPD-700
  • Regulated 14 Vdc output powers active pickups (e.g. M910), accessories, and digital meters such as DPM-105 or MTH-103D, and the 12 Vdc
  • versions of the internally lighted SPD-100L and LST-100L
  • Alarms are field-configurable for DPDT (SST-2400 A or -H only), overspeed,underspeed, energize, de-energize, latch, auto-reset
  • Integral VERIFY, requires external meter. Permits viewing and setting of setpoint value without actuating the relays
  • Input Frequency: Full-scale values from 0–0.1Hz (6 pulses per minute) to 0–50,000 Hz
  • Function: Converts frequency input (speed, rate) into linear proportional dc output. Provides alarm setpoints for over- and underspeed control and for sequential, startup, and shutdown switching
  • Applications: Includes engines, machines, I/P drivers, instrumentation, process control, recording, measurement
  • Signal Sources: Includes magnetic pickups, ac generators, contact closures, photocells
  • Output Range Capability: Current source up to 50 mAdc output always included
  • Alarm Setpoints: Available with two or four relays. Also available with no relays if only proportional outputs are required.

Product Specifications:

  • Part No.: SST-2400A
  • Description: Speed Switch/Transmitter
  • Input Signal Frequency Range: Standard input range is field-selectable from 0–80 Hz to 0–20 kHz. Ranges as low as 0–0.1 Hz and up to 0–50,000 Hz are available options
  • Input Signal Sensitivity: Field-adjustable from approximately 5 mVrms to 100 mVrms by internal sensitivity potentiometer. Normal factory setting is 25 mVrms. Maximum permissible signal is 50 Vrms for the standard unit
  • Input Impedance: Nearly infinite at low signal levels; a minimum of 10 kOhms at signal levels exceeding +15.0 V peak or –1.0 V peak.
  • Power: 115 Vac ±10%, 47–420 Hz/22–30 Vdc, maximum 5 W or 150 mAdc. Optional: 220 Vac, ±10%, 50/60 Hz/22–30 Vdc.
  • Proportional Output: 4–20 mAdc. The maximum load is 1 kOhms with the unit powered by 115/220 Vac or 30 Vdc; and 750 ohms with the unit powered by 22 Vdc. The maximum load is approximately linear between 22 Vdc and 30 Vdc. Other custom ranges are available.
  • Auxiliary Meter Output: Proportional 0–1 mAdc, filtered, for meter or recorder loads up to 750 Ohms.
  • Supply Output: Regulated +14 Vdc (±5%), at terminals 11(+) and 4(–); maximum load 40 mAdc.
  • Repeater Output: Square wave 14 V peak-to-peak, positive going, at terminals 29 and 4 to operate signal-powered digital tachometers SPD-100 and SPD-700.
  • Output Ripple and Noise: 0.1% of full-scale maximum over 10% to 100% of full-scale.
  • Verifying Setpoints: No input signal required. Jumpering specific terminals overrides the 0–1 mA auxiliary meter output at terminals 7 and 8; instead, the actual setpoint value is output and viewed using an external meter at terminal 7 and 8.
  • Response Time: 150 milliseconds, 10% to 90% rise, is standard. Full-scale frequency ranges below 80 Hz are proportionally slower.
  • Linearity: 0.1% of full-scale (0.05%, typical), all outputs. Output and Setpoint Stability: Less than 0.05% of full-scale change with a 10% change in supply voltage.
  • RELAYS: Logic: Field-programmable by switches for overspeed, underspeed, energize, de-energize, latch, auto-reset, and DPDT.*
  • Ratings: "A" series: Contact rating: 6.0 A @ 28 Vdc or 115 Vac (resistive); 2.0 A @ 220 Vac. Maximum inductive load 75 Vdc, 1.0 A, into 500 mH, for up to 100,000 cycles; SPDT.*; "H" series: Contact rating: 5 A (resistive) @ 24 Vdc; 1.0 A @ 120 Vac; 0.5 A @ 220 Vac; SPDT.*
  • *For DPDT, relays 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 work together as separate DPDT trips.
  • Alarm Setpoints: Relay setpoints are easily adjustable using 25–turn cermet potentiometers. Potentiometer adjustments are accessible through holes in the cover plate.
  • Alarm Disable: Jumpering terminal 31 to terminal 7 disables all alarms, allowing for startup conditions and special functions.
  • Alarm Reset: Momentary jumpering of terminal 32 to terminal 7 resets all latched alarms. Permanent jumpering converts all latching alarms to auto-reset.


  • ENCLOSURES: XP and NEMA rated enclosures are available
  • OPEN PICKUP: Relay 1 switches in the event of an open or disconnected magnetic pickup. Relay 1 will still react when its setpoint is traversed. NOTE: Not available with signal isolation transformer option
  • PNEUMATIC TRIP: Pulses relay 1 for 100 milliseconds; trips optional Dynalco SPV-200 Solenoid Pneumatic Valve on overspeed.
  • UNDERSPEED CLASS “C” LOGIC: Arms relay 2 as setpoint 2 is traversed on increasing speed. Pulses relay 2 as setpoint 2 is traversed on decreasing speed. Use for tripping the pneumatic SPV-200 on underspeed or for general underspeed electrical shutdown.
  • EXPANDED SCALE INPUT: Provides full meter output, full proportional output, and full setpoint range over a limited input range e.g. 0–1 mA and 4–20 mA over 800–1000 Hz input frequency.


  • Temperature Range: –40°F to +160°F (–40°C to +71°C) operating. –40°F to +180°F (–40°C to +82°C) storage.
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.17 kg)


  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association): Series: General certification: LR 92270
  • CE (Conformité Europeén): 89/336/EEC, Light Industrial; 72/23/EEC, Low Voltage Directive

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