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Nason Pressure, Temperature and Vacuum Switches


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Versatile and economical, Nason's snap action switches, diaphragm switches, pressure and temperature controls have the finest quality machining and material for your application.

Nason switches are made for each order, so if we don't have the one you need in stock or even showing on the website, we can still get you the part you need. Please contact us with any questions you have or to order a Nason part that isn't on the website.

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Nason Temperature Switches    Nason Temp Switches

Nason Pressure Switch    Nason Pressure Switches

Nason Vacuum Switch     Nason Vacuum Switches


Below you will find links to one-page pdf's for every Nason Temp or Pressure Switch. You will see the specs for that style switch and it'll walk you through how to design your part so you get what you need. Print it out, fill it out (if applicable) and give us a call or email (and check on the website. We might have it in stock).


TT Nason Switch     TD Nason Temp Switch     TM Nason Temp Switch     HT Nason Temp Switch


SQ Nason Low Pressure Switch     SM Low Pressure Switch     MM Low Pressure Switch     LM Low Pressure Switch     CJ Low Pressure Switch

XM High Pressure Switch     WX High Pressure Switch     CD High Pressure Switch   CF High Pressure Switch         


VM Nason Vacuum Switch     NV Vacuum Switch     VP Vacuum Switch


PDF for Nason Parts catalog


This Nason Parts List pdf shows a mix of Nason part numbers that we may have in stock or we may be able to get for you.

If a part you're looking for cannot be found on our site please contact us directly about them. Some of these products are no longer available, but when this is the case we can help you find an alternative part number with a quick phone call.

We can also get parts in volume. If you need a large number of a certain part, please call us or email us. We can help.