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VDO is an excellent line of heavy duty gauges and sensors used primarily in heavy-duty applications. We feature the largest  online selection of VDO  products available anywhere. 

Handling complexity to provide clear accurate displays is the signature of Siemens VDO. Vision, Cockpit, Heritage Gold,  Cockpit Royale, Series 1  and Viewline are the lines of quality. New developments with PRT and Xtreme tachs are continuing  the tradition.


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VDO Ammeter Amp Gauge  VDO Clock Gauge   VDO Boost Guage VDO Fuel Gauges     VDO, gauge lights, harness, tubing, accessories

VDO Mounts, VDO bezels, VDO PodsVDO Gauge Sets
VDO Hourmeter Gauge  VDO Marine Gauges, Level Gauges, Misc VDO Gauges   VDO Pressure Gauge

VDO Pressure Switch
VDO Pyro, VDO PyrometerVDO SenderVDO Speedometers   VDO Tachometer, VDo Tach

VDO Temperature Guage, VDO Temp Gage

VDO Temp Switch


 Vacuum Gauges from VDO  

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 VDO Elog Electronic Log RoadLog Reader and Printer

VDO has come up with the best solution for EOBR or E-logs. Roadlog is the easy and affordable compliance tool that can help protect your CSA scores so that you qualify for the most profitable loads. Roadlog has no monthly fees, no contract and a built in printer. Find out more about Roadlog ---->

vdo back up cameras for trucks, rvs and vans

VDO Vehicle Camera Systems are the best way to protect your vehicle, property and yourself. See a full view of what is behind you and on the sides. Monitors come in single, double view (with parking guides) and quad view for use with side cameras. Easy to install, waterproof casing and vibration resistant.  Learn more about VDO camera Systems ---->

VDO Catalog of parts and part numbers

This VDO Parts List pdf shows a mix of VDO products that we may have in stock or we may be able to get for you.

If a part you're looking for cannot be found on our site please contact us directly about them. Some of these products are no longer available, but when this is the case we can help you find an alternative part number with a quick phone call.

We can also get parts in volume. If you need a large number of a certain part, please call us or email us. We can help.