Upgrade Your AC System With A Compressor Conversion Kit

Upgrade Your AC System With A Compressor Conversion Kit

Sep 13th 2023

An effective and efficient air-conditioning system can increase productivity and lower running costs. Many trucks, tractors, and construction vehicles come fitted with an AC unit from the factory. Whether they're interior or roof mounted, they will eventually wear out with age. And newer designs offer far better performance and efficiency. However, often times upgrading the entire system is not financially feasible. The next best solution is AC compressor conversion.

Common AC Compressor Issues

AC units lead hard lives, especially in commercial vehicles. As they age, their efficiency worsens. Updating them with a modern compressor conversion kit can make a big difference in efficiency levels.

If your AC compressor isn’t operating like it should, you'll want to keep an eye out for several failure modes. There are many reasons performance could be suffering. Ignore these issues for too long, and the AC unit will fail completely. AC compressor problems can stem from:

  • Dirty condensers – Years of dirt and debris can clog up the condenser. This can cause the compressor to overheat.
  • Blocked evaporator coils – regular cleaning is needed to keep the evaporator coil working. If it clogs up, the compressor will have to work harder and may overheat.
  • Low refrigerant levels – this can cause excess friction in the compressor, resulting in eventual failure.
  • Wear and tear – the compressor has moving parts, and will eventually wear out.

AC Compressor Conversion Kit Benefits

Whether you are an owner, OEM, fleet operator, installer, or dealer, an AC compressor conversion kit can be a viable solution for many reasons: 

  • Update old technology – the AC compressor your tractor or truck originally came with may be far less efficient than newer designs. This increases engine loads and lowers fuel economy.
  • Increase AC performance – Aside from degrading performance from wear and tear, a modern AC compressor is far more efficient.
  • Lower running costs – New compressor technology means lower power demands when you run your AC unit.
  • Update n old system – You may need to upgrade an old AC unit in a tractor or truck.
  • Solve AC compressor issues – AC compressors can fail from neglect, lack of servicing and plain old age. A replacement compressor will resolve these issues.

AC Compressor Conversion Kits From PartDeal

PartDeal has supplied owners, OEMs, fleets, resellers, installers, and dealerships with hard-to-find parts since 1949. We stock thousands of parts for commercial automotive and truck applications. If you are looking for an AC compressor conversion kit, you have come to the right place. 

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