Dynalco Direction Sensing Tachometer - DST-2000C

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The Dynalco Direction Sensing Tachometer DST-2000C is a high quality tachometer that measures and monitors direction of rotation, speed, rate, flow, etc. This direction sensing tachometer can drive up to 5 SPD-300 (direction sensing displays) in parallel and capable of driving tachometers and up/down counters to provide rate information as well as total net flow, length, distance, etc.


  • Uses the signal from a Dynalco M343 bi-directional pickup to measure speed and direction of rotation.
  • Provides output pulses for feeding up/down or up-only counters.
  • Drives Dynalco analog and digital tachs including SPD-100, SPD-700, DS-800, and the new SPD- 300 Direction Indicating Tach. Also drives speed switches such as SST-2000A/H and SW-200B.
  • Provides a relay output according to direction of rotation, i.e. one SPDT relay for clockwise (CW) and one SPDT relay for counterclockwise (CCW).
  • Provides 10 mA drive current for two remote (customer-provided) LEDs to indicate CW or CCW direction.
  • Avoids false indications by having the active relay automatically reset after a few seconds with no signal input.
  • Provides a 0–1 mA output proportional to speed to drive Dynalco Controls analog meters such as the G-101 or digital meters such as the
  • DPM-105.
  • Provides regulated 8 Vdc (25 mA) auxiliary power to a Dynalco DPM-105 digital panel meter.


  • Dynalco Part No.: DST-2000C
  • Input Signal: Only from a Dynalco M343 bidirectional, direction–sensing pickup. Minimum pulse rate: 0.5 Hz. Maximum pulse rate: 20 kHz. Minimum signal amplitude: 25 mVrms. Maximum signal amplitude: 15 Vrms.
  • Input Power Options: 115 Vac and/or 12 Vdc (standard)*; 115 Vac and/or 24 Vdc (optional)*; 230 Vac and/or 12 Vdc (optional)**; 230 Vac and/or 24 Vdc (optional)** *±10%, 50/60 Hz, **±10%, 2 watts maximum
  • Operating Temperature: –30°F to +160°F (–34°C to +71°C).
  • Output Relays: Only one of two SPDT output relays is energized at a time. The CW relay is energized for clockwise motion; the CCW relay is energized for counterclockwise motion. Contacts are rated 5 A, resistive, 115 Vac. These relays can be used for indication of direction of rotation, for control purposes, or for converting the unidirectional proportional output into a bidirectional signal to drive zero-centered meters and instruments. The active relay de-energizes at near zero speed.
  • Output Pulses: One pulse per discontinuity or gear tooth for clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW) motion. Channels are never on at the same time. Pulses are referred to common. Output pulses are 0 to +8 V, 35 microseconds, nominal width.
  • Meter Output (Standard): A 0–1 mA analog output proportional to speed is standard.
  • SPD-300 Direction Indication Tachometer: Connects to a specially modified DST-2000C. Gives a visual indication of rotation direction via a separate red and green LED. Same size as an MTH-103D.
  • Remote LED Outputs: Two 10 mA (nominal) outputs are provided, at designated terminals, to drive external LEDs which indicate direction of motion.
  • Meter Output (Optional): The system can be used to drive a zero-centered analog meter. Other options include 0–5 Vdc into a load resistance of 1 k Ohms or higher; 0–5 mV or 0–100 mV into recorders with input resistance of 50 k Ohms or higher. (Full-scale frequency must be specified for the mV analog output.)
  • Buffered Signal Frequency Output: Amplified square wave signal of approximately 8 V peak-topeak to serve as a signal to digital speed indicators and speed switches, such as SPD-100, SW-200B.The output frequency equals the frequency signal from the M343 pickup.
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg)

Product Condition: NEW

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