ISSPRO Inc. is well-known for its dedication to quality and customer service. They offer an extensive product line that includes electronic instrumentation, sensors, and controls for engine and vehicle systems. With over seven decades of experience as an American manufacturer, ISSPRO has built a strong reputation in the automotive industry. Trust ISSPRO products from PartDeal because:


 • We carry a huge selection of in-stock ISSPRO products that ship within one business day.
 • ISSPRO is still family-owned and operated: They're committed to customer service and take pride in their workmanship - and we're proud to partner with them.
 • With 70-plus years in business, PartDeal has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for OEMs, dealerships, and fleet managers alike.

ISSPRO has long been a top choice for automotive industry professionals looking for high-performance instrumentation, sensors, and controls. If you need help finding the right gauges or sending units for your vehicle, we can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 503-802-1370 today.