VDO - RoadLog 6 Pin Direct Install Kit - 3290.90100200


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This is a 6 Pin Direct Install Connect Kit.  Make sure this is the right cable for your vehicle by looking at your connector port and consulting the table below. 

For vehicles with either no diagnostic connectoror a special OEM connector, RoadLog will need to be installed using the Open Wire direct wiring installation cable kit. Look at your truck to be sure, but as a rule:

Your Vehicle is: The Most Common Cable Connection Part Number:
 2007 - Current  9 pin connection 3290-90100100
 2002-2006  6 pin or 9 pin connection 3290-90100200 3290-90100100
 1996-2001  6 pin connection 3290-90100200
 1992-1995 with Fuel Injection  6 pin or special OEM or no connector 3290-90100200 (6 pin)
 Light Duty Trucks and Vans  OBD II connector 3290-90100500

Standard Cable vs Y-Cable

• The standard cable provides quick plug-and-play installation,but it occupies the diagnostic port and must be disconnected to perform diagnostics with a service tool
• The Y-cable takes slightly longer to install, but retains an open port for fast diagnostics hook-up and provides a cleaner looking installation. The Y-cable contains two diagnostic connectors. One replaces your existing diagnostic connector, and the other plugs into the existing diagnostic connector behind the dash

To hardwire into the vehicle- choose the Open Wire Direct Wiring kit. Some owners prefer the hardwire installation to retain the original appearance of the cab or to provide a theft deterrent.

Product Condition: NEW

6 pin Direct Connect Kit for RoadLog Electronic Logging Device 3290-90100200

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